The Calming Journey

The Calming Journey

I took a different route (please excuse the pun) with this photograph. I wanted something a little more personal and introspective when I drove to the Patuxent River Refuge in Maryland in the late fall.  I walked through the woods and along the river paths and saw many beautiful scenes, but on a whim, I walked along the road through the refuge and discovered what I was hoping for. This curve in the road with the subtle light from the overcast sky presented me with not only my picture, but also the story. There were no cars, no people, no sounds of “civilization” to disturb my experience. I looked through the scene in front of me and I felt calm thinking about what this road represented. Yes, it was the calming journey we all dream of when we unwind from our daily lives.

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If you are interested in purchasing The Calming Journey, please email me for size and framing options and a quote.
Size range: 12″ x 30″ to 20″ x 50″
Price starting at $300 for unmounted photograph in tube, or $650 for frameless acrylic panel (1/8″ thick – similar to the look you would see in a Peter Lik Gallery).

Please see Pricing and Ordering Info page for additional details.

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