Upon the Lake

Lake Louise is a spectacularly beautiful part of the world. The water is emerald from the glacier flour and changes with the sunlight. Looking across the lake to the glacier on the far end is magical. I loved watching the canoes silently drifting across the lake toward the far end.
When I looked at this photograph at home, I knew there was something special about it beyond my original vision. I was on the trip with Lina, her sister, and her sister’s husband. Although they were not out with me that early morning, I knew I had to take them there to share it’s beauty. That’s when it came to me what made this place special. That is why I named it Aurora (goddess of the morning). Aurora is the Roman goddess of sunrise. She traveled across the sky from East to West each morning announcing the arrival of the sun. Closer to my heart, Aurora is my late Mother-In-Law’s name and this photograph is my impression of how she continues to light the day for her family.