Two Jack Lake – 7 a.m.

I woke up long before the sunrise to head out to this magical spot. I knew exactly where I wanted to be for the sunrise and was hopeful there would be a break in the clouds. It was pitch black out when I arrived around six a.m. and the clouds were blocking what little light the moon would cast. With my headlamp on, I carefully made my way to the water’s edge at this little cove on the lake. I set up and waited. as the blue hour peaked, a little bit of early sunlight broke through to my left and created this wonderful moment. The clouds were moving across the sky in a beautiful pattern and there was almost no movement on the surface of the lake. This was a 78 second photograph to capture the movement above and the silky stillness below as well as letting all the blue light in. When I finished taking the shot, I looked down to see a fresh mamma grizzly bear and a cub print in the dirt right next to me! It was probably an hour or two old. Thankfully they did not hang around there for the sunrise.