Dingmans Falls

Sometime when you visit a new place to photograph, why you visited it can make it even more special. After the death of my father Memorial Day, 2020, I needed a quiet and mind soothing diversion on my way home. I’d been away at my parents’ home for five weeks and due to Covid, could not leave to see my wife. Everything added up and this stop off at Dingman’s Falls was just what I needed. A childhood friend, who lives nearby, guided me to the falls and we sat there staring at the falls and together remembered my dad. This cascade is 130′ tall and was particularly full following a day of rain. The constant roar of the water rushing down and the cool misty air put me at peace me and allowed me to regroup. We left after 30 minutes with my spirits lifted and my heart full. I will forever connect Dingman’s Fall with my dad because of this special visit.

Nikon Z7
Nikkor 14-30 f/4 S @17mm
Breakthrough Photography X4 C-PL
4 image composite for focus and exposure