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I come from a family with several generations of artists on both sides. From my great-grandfather, who was a well-known turn of the century impressionist, to both my parents, several aunts and uncles, and all three of my siblings, I knew I had to join in if I wanted to sit at the table.  I wasn’t patient enough to paint, but was fascinated by the magical vision of photography.  Being out in the world and capturing imagery that sparks my imagination invigorates me.  Being able to share that is amazing.  I leave the painting to the others…. Now, where’s my camera?

And thank you to my wonderful wife, Lina, who is patient enough while I stand in one place long enough for the light/clouds/ wind to be just right and wait for random people to move so I can capture my vision.

Most photographs on this site are available for sale. Sizes and prices vary and are specific to each photograph.  Prints are available unframed and rolled, silver halide photo prints face mounted to acrylic glass (my personal favorite for most images), acrylic mounted and framed.

Please contact me with your interest and we can determine the best option for you and your viewing space.

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